These days there are many people thinking about how they can be greener. They might want to reduce their impact on the planet and leave behind a better world for the next generation. There are lots things that we can do to achieve this but many of these things are expensive. However, there are things that we can do which will help us to be greener and will either cost nothing or save us money.

Switch to Cheaper Green Energy

There are many energy companies that are green but if you get a quote from them, they could be dearer than the company that you are already with. However, if you look carefully you may find that there are some green companies that are cheaper. You may also find that some companies have a green tariff, which means that the money you pay for energy is used to buy energy from a green source and so this could be a possible option for you as well. Use a comparison website to compare the green energy tariffs and you will be able to see whether you can save money this way,

Reduce Energy Use

If you reduce the amount of energy you use then this could really help. Not only will you be greener because you are using less energy but you will be saving money because you do not have to buy so much. You can achieve this in lots of different ways. Perhaps, turning off lights, technology and electricals when not in use, turning down heating or having a smart system so it is only on when you need it and so you save money and energy when it is not needed. These might seem like little things but if you try all sorts of little things then they can add up to make a big difference, especially over a number of years.


Recycling is something that we can do without paying out any money. As well as using our kerbside box, we may find that we can recycle other items too. Supermarkets will have plastic bag and battery recycling stations and you can also often find clothing recycling bins too – although you could put clothing and other goods into charity shops. There are also some places which will recycle more unusual items like pens, toothbrush heads, pet food sachets, food wrappers etc and it is worth finding out where your local places are so that you can decide if it is worth doing this considering any fuel that you may need to use to get to the place that recycles them.

Buy Second Hand

Buying second hand items will help you to reduce the amount of energy used to make items because you are reusing one that would have otherwise have been thrown away. You will usually find that second hand items will be cheaper than new as well which means that you will save money as well. You should be able to find all sorts of items second hand. You will be able to look in charity shops as well as looking online on places like eBay and social media marketplace pages.

Sell Things we no Longer Need

By selling things you no longer need, you are giving other people the opportunity to get some use out of it rather than them buying a new one. You will also be able to make some money from the sale and even if it is just a small amount it will mean that you can get a little bit back from that item.

Avoid Unnecessary Purchases

Often we buy more items than we really need. This means that we can end up spending unnecessary money and causing more goods to be produced than necessary. So, if we question whether we really need the items that we are buying, whenever we are shopping, this should help up to minimise our purchases.

As you can see, there are a lot of things that you can do which could potentially not only save you money but also benefit the planet. It is easy to think that it is really expensive to be an environmentalist and if you want to fit solar panels, run and electric car, replace your gas boiler with an electric one etc then these will be expensive. However, we can all do our bit by making some small changes that will save us money as well and if everyone did this, then we could all benefit and make a bigger impact – so tell your friends and family about it too!

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